About Us

Corynn (Corn)

Hey party people!!!

Wow can’t believe I’m writing words to publish in an actual blog!

I’m Corynn, the slightly less organized, more scatter-brained half of this operation (hence why our first post was written by Jen). If you read her charming first post you can learn about the fetus stages of our friendship and how this whole thing was born (sorry for the double birth reference).  

So a here’s little bit more about me…

I can’t remember a time in my life where I wasn’t thinking about food 24/7. It’s always been my creative outlet. I started seriously experimenting with food before middle school in my family’s “one-butt” kitchen. I was a baking FREAK whipping up red velvet cupcakes and cream cheese frosting nonstop. In high school I realized that, though flipping delicious, cupcakes aren’t exactly a health food. I began to understand food’s potential for healing in addition to its potential for generating pure joy and happiness. With this revelation I made the decision to adopt a vegan diet. *GASP* Yes, I get my protein in and yes, I still make and eat YUMMY food, so I am pumped to partner with my life-long bestie in veganizing some of our favorite foods! I am a health freak (if that wasn’t already clear) so most of my recipes will be gluten free and refined-sugar free too!!

So that’s a little bit more about me. Stoked to start sharing some of my 24/7 food thoughts with you all!

Jennifer (Quiche)

Hi everyone, I’m Jennifer! When I’m not drowning in papers and school work, I love to bake a ridiculous amount of cookies, cakes, tarts, galettes, you name it. After, I’ll text all my friends so they can have a taste or I’ll share them on Thursday, when my roommate and I host This is Us screenings. I love testing recipes and modifying classics, which can be frustrating at times, especially when I can’t get it perfect the first try. I dream about opening a restaurant or a bake shop somewhere, but in the meantime, interning at churches will have to do ;). 

One thing to note about me is that I am ALWAYS hungry and I am constantly snacking. Going anywhere without at least a granola bar in my bag makes me a little anxious and fair warning, if I am ever grumpy, it is probably because I need some food in my belly. While I do enjoy eating healthy (I’m a sucker for a large pan of roasted veggies), I also will never say no to sweets… particularly ice cream (one thing a lot of friends know abut me is that I will never turn down the opportunity for some ice cream no matter what time it is). I have always been fascinated with the process of how things are made and have recently been into food styling! I love the science-y background of food and with a little inspiration from Claire at Bon Appetit magazine, I hope to provide you with a bunch of fun projects. 

Anyways, I will obviously be the counterpart to Corynn and will definitely use dairy, eggs, gluten and refined sugar (you’re welcome). I can’t wait to show you what we can do! 

Special thanks to my dad for passing down his ability to taste a dish and replicate it and his creativity in cooking (sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, sorry dad)! And thank you grandma for your recipes, love for baking and MASSIVE sweet tooth.