Our first post!

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Hi! Welcome to our little blog baby child! Our names are Corynn and Jennifer… but we will also occasionally respond to corn and quiche (our zesty little nicknames provided by the charming youth at St. John’s Presbyterian Church. Corn for Corynn and quiche for my last name, Kishi). The two of us have been best friends ever since the beginning of our reign at St. John’s as spunky little three year olds. We grew up doing tons of things together, like art classes, hula, church-related things, and occasionally attended the same school. Now, we both go to Azusa Pacific University and spend most of our free time together making food, eating food, or going on backpacking trips.

Corynn and I both started out attempting to blog about food on instagram but definitely did not get further than our close (and faithful) pals being the only people interacting with our content. Corynn is a type 7 (enneagram ish… check it out because it explains a lot) and after about two posts or so, took a hiatus and hasn’t been back since. I try to post once a week, but have not had much time to keep up… Corynn’s instagram food blog is @my.plant.based.plate and mine is @jenniferifer show those neglected babies some love haha.

Corynn is vegan, hence the username, and I am not; obviously there’s no relation to my username. Corynn’s veganism always impressed and inspired me but I could never surpass a full 24 hours. I just really love burgers and tacos… more specifically the ones with cow in them. Also I think I have an exceptionally poor short term memory, unless I write things down because I would usually forget about how I decided to be vegan for however long. While Corynn is vegan and I am a die-hard carnivore (that was a little dramatic… I also really love plants), we both love to bake and cook. Corynn loves finding vegan recipes for foods and baked desserts and was recently particularly excited about a vegan mac and cheese recipe (sounds sketchy… but okay). I am currently very into brown butter and I am trying to develop a brown butter shortbread cookie. I am trying my best to work in brown butter into literally EVERYTHING and I also like finding recipes for things that would probably be easier if you just went to the store and bought them… like sprinkles or chocolate sandwich cookies (aka Oreos).

We always talked about collaborating on instagram half seriously and half jokingly but around Thanksgiving break, sitting in our favorite matcha & coffee shop in West LA working on homework, we decided to make a REAL blog. Of course at the time, we were chatting and avoiding our papers at all costs. We talked logistics and threw out ideas for our little blog baby child and then Corynn’s meter was up and we realized we hardly got any of our important work done… not that this blog isn’t important to us, but academics first am I right? It has been a struggle to pick out a name that we both agree on or feel very strongly about but it has finally happened! It hasn’t caused any drama (I don’t think Corynn and I have ever been in an argument which is pretty impressive if you ask me) but it has taken a while. I mean of course this is a very important aspect of the blog and we want to make sure everything is to our standards.

Anyways, we really hope you enjoy reading our posts and  learn and grow in your knack for the culinary arts as we hope to do in this process as well! Thanks for reading!